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We’ve been a little busy of late trying to finish a lot of work in time for policy or budgetary deadlines.

But it’s not been all work and no fun….there was of course the Valentine’s Day on Monday. Not much changed in the world of romantic economics since we’ve written about it last year – you can still read it here.

Much more fun than the Valentine’s was the news on Wednesday that David Cameron had hinted he was backing away from the policy of potentially selling parts of the publicly owned woodlands in England. Hopefully the new expert group that will be set up will take all the economic value generated by forests and not only the part that can be sold for cash. To see what other value there is, click here.

This made me think:  we work closely with civil servants but don’t keep as close an eye on MPs as we should.

Aha, synchronicity it’s called I think but this morning I received an email from Barry Gardiner MP announcing his new blog www.ipoak.org. The email says

iPoak.org will also set out each week, every question on energy, climate change or the environment that has been put to the UK government with the ministers’ written answers. “

I will be following it.

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Lots of excited mooing on the pasture recently as our favourite event of the year draws nearer – alas not really a Mooecon but almost as exciting, envecon 2011 is just around the corner! As usual, we all get a day out at the Royal Society in London on the 4th of March to hear about and discuss the results of recent research relating to the application of environmental economics. This year’s agenda includes sessions on economic appraisal, governance and resource management, energy and climate change and economic valuation; a keynote speech from Professor Bob Watson, Chief Scientific Officer of Defra; and the first opportunity to hear about the reporting from the UK National Ecosystem Assessment. With individuals from the public and private sectors, academia and consultancy in attendance, it will be a busy but undoubtedly very interesting day!

To find out more, please click here.

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