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Last week I listened to Owen Paterson’s gushing welcome for the work of the ecosystem markets taskforce (EMTF).  Various business groups are also following up including BITC and Aldersgate.

 The EMTF aren’t proposing anything that hasn’t been thought of before, but what is notable is that ideas that were previously the domain of NGOs are being promoted, and in some cases given a new perspective, by business. This can only improve the debate, recognising that its not business vs environment, but that business interacts in different ways with the environment, and there are things we can do to improve those relationships.

 While the EMTF’s business-led message will add force to these environmental arguments, resistance to changing our economic thinking remains widespread. Apparently the Treasury have recently blocked proposed analysis of the impacts of global resource depletion on the UK’s economic growth – the reason being that they don’t want external actors commenting on the UK’s growth prospects. This deafness to debate is head-in the sand stuff. Think back to 2007 when global growth caused food and fuel price spikes that dented UK economic performance – and remember that repeating your actions and expecting a different outcome is a definition of madness.

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