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Busy, busy, busy

We’ve been silent here but we’ve been busy. Busy with the daily tasks and busy with thinking about what the future will hold for us all, given Brexit and other world events.

As part of this latter busyness we were at the UK Network for Environmental Economists (UKNEE) and Natural Capital Initiative (NCI) organised an event on 7th February 2017. We wanted a forum to talk about risks and opportunities waiting for the future of evidence based policy.

115 people registered for the seminar, most within the first few days of announcement. This is the biggest turnout for the evening seminars either organisation has ever hosted. The participants were economists, environmental scientists and others working for private companies, public agencies and NGOs covering a wide variety of sectors including water, agriculture and insurance.

The UK has a proud tradition of evidence-based policy making, including for the environment. While there has never been a time evidence influenced all decisions, the pressure on this tradition has been rapidly increasing. Changing policy priorities and the role of public sector in and alongside the markets, and cuts to research budgets cause this pressure. Brexit brings added uncertainty.

We – the communities the UKNEE and the NCI represent – will be stronger if we produce policy options, not only evidence; if we cooperate and if we speak out.

See here for the seminar report and ideas for further actions and events.

Also see here for a larger event organised by ENDS on Brexit.

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