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We are in a global race….. at least if David Cameron’s twitter feed is anything to go by. We must pick up the pace, run, run, run, and to the winner the spoils.

It may seem a flippant metaphor. The problem is that it is complete nonsense, dangerous nonsense.

I will leave an explanation of the dire economic thinking to the IEA.   I will turn to the implications.

A race is a panic. An aggressive, exhausting panic. So dig deep and feel the burn, pick up the pace (I think the ‘pace’ is GDP but I am not sure how far they have thought through the metaphor).

Keep running, the 2015 election is in sight, that’s the finish line….wait we have to keep going…and going….what do you mean never stop? Wish I hadn’t chucked my water away….at least the sponsors will pay up…what no sponsors..

We are not in a race, economies are not zero sum games, your loss is not my gain. Most importantly there isn’t a finish line. We need to be making policies which aren’t going to compromise the quality of life  (within certain limits) of any person 50 or 500 years down the line, no matter if they fit neatly within our national borders.  We are not doing this at the moment, and a fixation on our pace of growth damages us and the next generations.

We need to grow right and some question if at all. But while the political and financial system is wedded to narrow indexes of prosperity and this rhetoric, this may be a race we wish we hadn’t entered.

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As you know, the general elections have been called in the UK and are set for the 6th of May.  All of us in the pasture are intending to follow along and we plan to do some specialised election moos on the blog too!

To start off with, how about the first ever televised leaders debate last night! I thought it was fascinating, but where was the environment in all of this?  Presumably the debate was expected to cover all the headline issues: The economy, education, welfare, crime…

But see here, politicians and debate organisers! Even though the abysmal set may have made you think you were in the 1980s (check out this picture from the Telegraph), we are indeed in 2010 and the environment and the climate should be a headline issue in the elections.

To be fair, Labour has made the environment a key issue in its manifesto.  The Lib Dems have kind of made it an issue by including it as part of their ‘Your World’ issue.  And the Conservatives? (Well firstly they don’t even try to engage with us by using their technology; Labour and Lib Dem both have videos of their manifestos and secondly…) the environment is buried at the end in Chapter 4 of 5!

So us cows over here in the pasture are very concerned by the fact that our politicians aren’t taking the environment seriously enough. What happens in the next two terms will affect the entire human population for generations to come, so why aren’t we talking about it?

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