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Last week, Daisy went to a business reception organised by the Government Office for London to introduce the UKCIP. This was part of a series of local events around the country explaining the projections, impacts and implications of the UK CIP to different types of stakeholders.

Daisy wanted to learn more about UKCIP and, admittedly also, to see which kind of businesses we could perhaps work for in future. Technical presentation on the UKCIP was excellent and so were the talks by the Environment Advisor of the Mayor  and one of the Directors of Forum for the Future. The most engaging talk was by the Climate Change manager of Marks & Spencer.  It turns out the effect of weather on retailers is larger than Daisy realised…you put salads on the shelves on days predicted to be sunny but if the day turns out cloudy people want to buy steaks not salads…a lot of wasted product and of course lost profit.  Increased unpredictability is what concerns them most – and of course the welfare of their suppliers worldwide the speaker was eager to add.

Otherwise, it was a typical business reception…nice wine, nice nibbles and a difference this time – a model of the whole of City of London and its glamorous new buildings illuminated. Chatting while hovering over the model to a Councillor of the City, Daisy suggested that the first and the simplest thing the City could do was to convince the businesses not to leave the lights of their sky scrapers on over night. The Councillor was quick to respond defensively saying that they didn’t have the legal power to do this.


If the public sector does not have the persuasive power (if not the legal one) to get the businesses to do something that will not cost them anything and in fact save them money, what good is having more and better quality information like UKCIP?  How can we get over the lethargy that prevents even such simple behaviour change?

Booo says Daisy.

– Daisy

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